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I’m weaving, I’m weaving! – Columbus Cultural Arts Center

Saying “I’m weaving” always makes me expect to hear “where you going?”.  But today, I actually did weave.  And I have pictures to prove it. After I finished threading my heddles, it was time to put the loom back together and add a reed, through which all the heddled threads would also need to be […]

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Weaving – Day 2 at Columbus Cultural Arts Center

Today’s weaving class was more of a watch and learn day than a hands-on day.  As part of our watching and learning, we watched a fellow student load her warp onto a loom, a process that required the efforts of at least two people.  At one point, I jumped in to turn the crank that […]

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And now, for something completely different

Aaaah, winter.  The time of year for staying indoors and burying your head under the covers, or the time of year when things slow down enough that you can tackle some fun projects you don’t otherwise have time for. I’ve opted for the latter and signed up for a weaving class, the first of which […]

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