Brad is a Senior – Jeffrey Mansion, Bexley

A different kind of senior session, since we’re in mask season. Laura, Brad’s mom and my friend, found a mask on Etsy that so perfectly matched Brad’s amazing suit. I’m super pro-mask, so if we’re going to wear them, it’s nice to have fancy ones!

Jeffrey Mansion was surprisingly under construction. Like, the entire outside of the building was encased in orange fencing and construction workers, so we improvised and shot exclusively in the greenery and the woods. It was lovely and a perfect setting for showcasing Brad and his beautiful suit. Have a look.

Anna and Ilya – downtown Columbus wedding

I met Anna and Ilya recently to photograph their wedding on a blustery day in downtown Columbus. Prior to my arrival, poor Anna cut her finger pretty badly helping Ilya with his boutonniere, so she had a pretty major looking bandage on probably the best finger it could be on if you’re trying to make a certain kind of statement (which, of course, she wasn’t, but still…). We started with photos at their condo overlooking the river, made photos with friends, then headed to the wedding chapel for the ceremony. The ride back down the elevator from the court house where they filed their paperwork made for one of my favorite portraits of the day, and we followed that with prosecco at the Sidebar and more photos on the bridge with the deer. Have a look.

F a c e b o o k