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Celebration of Wine, Food and Dining with the Stars at Spagio

Another post in the category of Why I Love My Job.  It’s no secret that, in addition to photography, I love cooking, especially professional cooking.  I’m a Food Network addict, I’ve read umpteen books about various chefs’ experiences in the world’s kitchens, and I volunteer as a sous chef at Local Matters every Monday.  So, […]

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Why I like this picture – Columbus Ohio wedding photographer

To me, a picture without expression is a picture without meaning.  Think about it.  If you have a picture with some people in it and they have no real expressions, how do you connect with the people and, therefore, how do you discern the picture’s meaning – to them and to you?  Life is made […]

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How about another weaving project? – Columbus Cultural Arts Center

After finishing my scarf, I found it hard to contemplate leaving my weaving class with only one project under my belt.  Plus, I still had two classes left of the eight I originally signed up for, so I HAD to choose another project.  And because it will take me at least two and maybe three […]

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