Kim and KC

OK, I am terribly late in wishing a happy anniversary to Kim and KC! It’s been slightly zooey around here with the holidays and some exciting new things I’m working on for 2008, so my apologies!!

So, Kim and KC were married a year ago December 16 and were the first wedding I blogged on my brand new blog back in January of this year. I have an aversion to sameness, so of course I’m not going to post the same shots I did back then. I’ve decided to post a few from my favorite time of their day – our visit to the Corn City Bar. Kim and KC were married in their hometown up north (otherwise known as the “middle of nowhere!”) and we stopped in this bar on the way to the reception because of course you can always make very cool pictures in unexpected places.

I’m always up for new things and new places, especially in quaint little one-horse towns I don’t usually get to visit. Kim and KC (and her sister and his best man) were up for it too, and we just had a ball. Melissa got the cool shot of the sign and the other two are mine. I love places like this.

So, please please please – if you’re into doing something different, we can come up with the most unique stuff – the stuff that makes your wedding different from eveyone else’s!

Kim and KC, I hope you had the most wonderful one-year anniversary!!

F a c e b o o k